About Me as..

…an Artist:

My primary interests were always creatures of various natural and mythical sorts, which are my focus. I looked up to a wildlife painter as my early aspiration, who I have had the chance to meet. Though I have several projects in the backburner of my mind, my focus forward is in illustration and story-telling, and keeping my work creative and original while introducing realism. Through my natural world based work, I plan to help raise awareness of the environment and wildlife that needs our help through conservation and understanding.

…an Individual:

Born on the Canadian prairies, but raised on Vancouver Island and currently residing in the Metro Vancouver area. My primary interests growing up were animals, drawing and medieval things. My childhood spare time involved drawing, playing with my animal figurines, making snow dogs,catching snakes and watching tv (primarily nature docs and anime).

Other minor subjects of interest: Psychology, Ecology and Sociology. Having an curiousity in these matters help me create more meaningful and deeper themes in my work, and affect how I view the world around me.
Currently I am making greater efforts to go local and supporting more causes that concern me.

I also am a photographer as much as a fine artist, and you can find my photo works here: bluenorthphotography.deviantart.com